Typhoon Sendong: Price Watch on Medicines, Water and other goods

This is an extensive research done by volunteer @mjeansaberon and sent to us via e-mail. Reposting important details below:


[Research done in a Puregold branch in Starmall]

  • The cheapest ones are the bottled water packaged exclusively for PureGold. Very cheap compared to other well-known bottled water labels.
  • Aqualife – Purified Drinking Water (volume and price per bottle)
    • 1L – Php 12.50
    • 500ml – Php 7.80
    • 330ml – Php 6.50
    • 250ml – Php 5
  • Aqualized – Mineral Water (volume and price per bottle)
    • 500ml – Php 7.35
    • 330ml – Php 6.20
  • Based on their carton packaging, there is a total of 12L per carton regardless of bottle water capacity. Basically, 12KGs. The 12L setup seems applicable to other well-known bottled water labels. Summit water has a 6L/gallon container. There are 3 containers per carton packaging so that’s a total of 18L per box. The price should be around 50 pesos per gallon.

[Research done in a branch of Generic Pharmacy (GP) in Starmall; medical supplies listed below are based on this post]

  1. Oral Rehydration Salts: Oral rehydration for adults and children (DUCOLITE and PEDIALITE, or HYDRITE)
    • Php 8.00 each – 250ml
    • (If I remember correctly, it was explained to me that DUCOLITE, PEDIALITE and HYDRITE are brand names)
  2. Antibiotics broad spectrum for adults and children
    • (I was asked which one actually since there are many kinds of antibiotics.)
  3. Anti tetanus TETANUSTOXIDE, so many have deep cuts
    • Not available.
    • (From what they explained to me, this is something like an IV pack and are usually available through hospitals. Or is it not generally available over-the-counter.)
  4. Cephalexin 500 mg capsule
    • Php 5.25 each capsule.
    • A pad contains 10 pieces.
  5. Cephalexin Suspension 250 mg/5 mL
    • Php 58.00
  6. Erythromycin Suspension 200 mg/5 mL
    • Php 77.00
  7. Cephalexin Drops
    • Php 36.00
  8. Paracetamol Drops
    • Php 24.00
  9. Paracetamol Syrup 120 mg/5 mL
    • What they have is the one in 125mg/5ml and it is Php 24.00.
  10. Paracetamol Tablets
    • Php 0.60 centavos each.
    • There are 100 pieces in a box, so it’ll only cost Php 60.00 to buy a box of paracetamol.
  11. Antacid Tablets and Suspensions
    • It is Php 150.00 for tablet in 200mg/100mg.
    • It is Php 46.00 for suspension in 200mg/100mg/120ml.
  12. Metronidazole Suspension
    • Php 29.20 for 125mg/60ml.
    • This is for amoebiasis.
  13. Metronidazole 500 mg Tablets
    • Php 2.00
  14. Carbocisteine Drops
    • Php 28.00
  15. Carbocisteine Syrup (125 mg/5 mL)
    • Php 28.00
  16. Carbocisteine 500 mg Capsules
    • Php 2.50
  17. Syringes Guage 23
    • Not available.
    • (It is most likely this is for the anti-tetanus according to one of their comments.)
  18. Cotrimoxazole 800 mg Tablets
    • Php 2.75
  19. Cotrimoxazole Suspension 200 mg/5 mL
    • Php 29.00
  20. Salbutamol Syrup
    • Php 26.00
    • This is for anti-asthma.
  21. Salbutamol Tablets
    • It is Php 0.75 centavos each for tablets in 2mg.
    • It is Php 1.00 each for tables in 4mg.
  22. Agua Oxenada
    • Php 13.00.
  23. Gauze pads
    • If not sterilized, it is Php 2.25.
    • If sterilized, it is Php 4.50.
  24. Iodine
    • Php 37.00
    • (I forgot the name they mentioned for the iodine but definitely used for wounds.)


  • I forgot to note down which of the medicine is not sold over-the-counter for personal use since it requires doctor’s prescription. However, I was told I can still buy the medicine as OTC transaction if it’s for medical mission.
  • Anyway, I’ve been hearing on TV that medicines are still needed aside from water. I hope we get info which of the items above are more low in supply so it’s possible to have a small package shipped directly to groups with medical missions.


  • I saw a kiosk in Starmall selling some undies for kids for the price of Php 50.00 for 3 pieces. I don’t know if that’s cheap but that should give many an idea what they can budget for underwear donations.

Thank you so much, @mjeansaberon! If any of our readers can contribute further to this post, please leave your comments below or send us an e-mail.

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Other Typhoon-Related Information

Here are other collated tweets, retweets and online information gathered relating to past typhoons.





Twin Typhoons: The Aftermath

Here’s a compilation of recent tweets and retweets regarding news about what happened after Ondoy and Pepeng. Please note that these are copied as is. Let us know if there has been a misinformation and we’ll do our best to rectify them immediately. Newest posts appear at the top of the list. Please refer to the time indicated beside the update.

  1. Advisory
  2. Analysis
  3. Business
  4. Continuing Relief Operations
  5. Damage
  6. Death Toll
  7. Education
  8. Financial
  9. Government Action
  10. Health
  11. Price Watch
  12. Relocation
  13. Stories


  1. Alternate Routes & Detours to Baguio City: http://bit.ly/Hnp6C [via @baguio] [10/22 22:17]
  2. PCP GOES FOR RELIEF / AD CONGRESS TO SUBIC http://bit.ly/17uPpW [via @baguio] [10/20 12:50]
  3. Mga botanteng naapektuhan ng pagbaha, pwede pang humabol sa voters’ registration http://bit.ly/368Ppv [via DZMM] [10/14 13:57]


  1. Laguna Lake dev’t seen key to preventing floods http://bit.ly/1D5z7i [via @manila_bulletin] [10/31 14:47]
  2. ‘Fault lines run near San Roque Dam’ http://bit.ly/1aPHEc [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/21 02:03]
  3. FYI: 2007 case study presented to UN re: Dams and Cordillera http://ping.fm/oxcAb [via @tonyocruz] [10/20 19:15]
  4. Disasters further set back RP’s anti-poverty goal — Inquirer http://ping.fm/selbV [via @tonyocruz] [10/20 17:17]
  5. Dams better run by co-ops: 2009 Nobel winner http://bit.ly/1SEl8A [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/20 11:02]
  6. ON THE FRINGES: Dams and how communities deal with them http://ping.fm/IJLNQ [via @bulatlat] [10/20 10:10]
  7. Analysis: Ondoy, Pepeng and the bane of development illusion http://ping.fm/anCKf CENPEG via @bulatlat [via @tonyocruz] [10/16 22:43]
  8. Lessons from the Philippine flooding disaster http://ping.fm/QNeOG by Kabataan Rep. Mong Palatino [via @tonyocruz] [10/16 22:51]


  1. Rellosa: Worst case scenario for acts-of-God insurance cover is P33-B http://bit.ly/CEojV [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/22 03:36]
  2. Globe prepares P300M for typhoon-related expenses http://ping.fm/A88JD Weird “plans” if you take a close look [via @tonyocruz] [10/20 16:32]
  3. Typhoons Hit Small Businesses in Philippines Hard — New York Times http://ping.fm/TH97Q [via @tonyocruz] [10/19 23:45]
  4. Typhoons force Citibank to cut Philippines’ growth prospects: http://bit.ly/gim7a [via @gma7news] [10/20 20:35]


This section is for news about ongoing relief operations only. If you would like to help, click here.

  1. Our RC Pangasinan chapter are already conducting their rescue and relief efforts in Rosales, Pangasinan [via @philredcross] [11/4 11:37]
  2. Pinoys in US to send more donations despite ‘hoarding’ reports http://bit.ly/MjqzY[via @ABSCBNNews] [10/29 01:09]
  3. UN seeks more aid for typhoon-hit RP http://bit.ly/RZbfA [via @ANCALERTS] [10/27 14:27]
  4. Civic group to set up 50 more shelter boxes in NLuzon: http://bit.ly/3lK6Mu [via @gmanewstv] [10/22 02:40]
  5. As of Tuesday, DSWD has delivered relief goods to Ilocos, Cagayan and Cordillera regions, an NDCC report said. [via @sunstaronline] [10/21 13:05]
  6. Donations still pouring in for ‘Ondoy,’ ‘Pepeng’ victims http://bit.ly/4Fx5qC [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/21 02:03]
  7. Nat’l Artist BenCab launches relief drive for Baguio http://ping.fm/9CuYc [via @tonyocruz] [10/20 19:03]
  8. Bayanihan abroad: OFWs send relief aid for typhoon victims at home http://ping.fm/Ynuh6 [via @tonyocruz] [10/20 15:51]
  9. OFW, tuloy ang pagdamay sa mga nasalanta sa Pilipinas http://bit.ly/3P7Igo [via @pinoyweekly] [10/20 02:38]
  10. Red Cross relief prioritize elderly, disabled http://url4.eu/dT8q [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/20 05:20]


  1. ‘Ondoy’ damages parts of North and South cemetery http://bit.ly/2plBWa [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/29 01:56]
  2. Some Metro Manila areas still flooded one month after Ondoy — CDRC http://ow.ly/wEHj [via @tonyocruz] [10/27 02:13]
  3. Lupang Arenda residents have more than floods to worry about http://bit.ly/2Fz63 [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/22 22:37]
  4. Damage estimates fast-tracked http://bit.ly/1gJ7iL [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/21 13:05]
  5. Garbage still a bane in Provident Village http://bit.ly/2aYy3M [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/21 04:36]
  6. Storms damaged infra worth over P2-B infra: http://bit.ly/eTRS8 [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/20 21:35]
  7. Baha sa mga lugar na nasa paligid ng Laguna de Bay, tatagal pa nang hanggang limang buwan [via @balita_ngayon] [10/15 11:04]
  8. There were 1,050,129 affected individuals of Typhoon “Ondoy” & “Pepeng”,173 Municipalities & 4 Cities, PNRC OPCEN reported as of yesterday [via @philredcross] [10/14 16:47]


  1. Typhoon Pepeng casualties at Benguet as of Oct 25: dead 208, injured 113, missing 7 [via @pmcalara] [10/27 14:26]
  2. Combined death toll from Pepeng, Ondoy now at 858 – NDCC: http://bit.ly/LniVv [via @gmanewstv] [10/20 06:05]
  3. Benguet’s capital becomes a ‘Valley of Death’ — GMA News http://is.gd/4kqgq [via @tonyocruz] [10/15 15:17]


  1. Private school students in 2 cities get passing marks http://url4.eu/djTa [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/22 02:22]
  2. CHED reiterates appeal on tuition deferment: http://bit.ly/N1nP8 [via @abscbnnewsyouth] [10/20 23:07]


  1. Benguet submits debt payment proposal http://bit.ly/3u2jfb [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/22 23:06]
  2. 370,000 Pag-IBIG members avail of calamity loan: http://bit.ly/14C8mZ [via @wwwgmanewstv] [10/21 03:38]
  3. World Bank expects RP to dodge recession http://bit.ly/AEr79 [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/20 23:07]
  4. Goldman Sachs: Typhoons to hike RP deficit to P312-B http://bit.ly/mt3xu [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/20 22:38]
  5. World Bank set to upgrade its Philippine outlook: http://bit.ly/2c8AKF [via @gmanewstv] [10/20 18:35]


  1. MANILA – Government assured there is enough rice for the rest of the year. [via @sunstaronline] [10/30 10:51]
  2. PGMA issues EO 834 to stabilize rice supply, prime commodities http://tinyurl.com/ygh72px [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/29 11:35]
  3. 140 trucks with relief goods head for storm-prone areas in Luzon: Some 140 trucks left for several storm-prone .. http://bit.ly/3iEAkr [via @gmanewstv] [10/29 11:35]
  4. Pagasa gets Korean aid for early warning system vs disasters: A month after tropical cyclones Ondoy and Pepeng .. http://bit.ly/14Y84X [via @gmanewstv] [10/29 10:35]
  5. GMA Special Report: Inside the DSWD warehouse that sparked web firestorm — http://bit.ly/2muvSE [via @mjeansaberon] [10/29 02:00]
  6. RP urges global rice stockpiling http://bit.ly/dVl6H [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/28 16:03]
  7. Dredging of Pasig River 30% finished http://bit.ly/4nkgLr [via @Lito_Atienza] [10/27 15:17]
  8. UNDP says RP needs disaster czar http://bit.ly/P3lLd [via @manila_bulletin] [10/26 16:02]
  9. NDCC Situation Report 39 on Ondoy and Pepeng http://tinyurl.com/ygfk2p9 [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/23 9:24]
  10. Napocor rejects calls to shut down San Roque Dam: http://bit.ly/YwLus [via @gmanewstv] [10/20 21:37]
  11. World Bank set to upgrade its Philippine outlook: http://bit.ly/2c8AKF [via @gmanewstv] [10/20 18:35]
  12. Bukidnon congressman laments loss of P18B agri products, calls for disaster risk bill passage: http://bit.ly/1U4tNT [via @mindanaoan] [10/20 17:37]
  13. Flood Waters In Lower Taguig Have Significantly Receded – Sec. Bayani Fernando http://mltp.ly/iSPWuJa [via @bayanifernando] [10/20 12:56]
  14. Weather forecasters undergo Aussie training http://url4.eu/dT8f [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/20 05:20]
  15. NPC: Revised spillage protocol out by Nov 30 http://bit.ly/qzOB1 [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/16 23:02]
  16. NPC: Dam flood warning system ‘outdated’ http://bit.ly/vWHDI [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/17 00:32]


  1. The DoH is now on heightened alert as it declared outbreaks of leptospirosis in three towns in Pangasinan and three more in La Union [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/29 11:32]
  2. As of 26Oct2009, reports fm DOH&private hospitals in NCR, Reg.III, IVA show 2,562 admissions for leptospirosis with 192 deathsn [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/28 15:59]
  3. WHO experts, dumating na sa bansa para sa leptospirosis http://bit.ly/1Zc5UU [via @balita_ngayon] [10/28 13:58]
  4. Leptospirosis cases continue to rise in MM with 2,158 cases this October, 167 fatalities. [via @gma7news] [10/26 16:31]
  5. As of Oct.17, a total of 5,212 AH1N1 cases were reported with 30 deaths or 6% fatality rate. [via @sunstaronline] [10/26 15:29]
  6. DOH to expand subsidized scheme for lepto cases treatment: http://bit.ly/JZTBU [via @gmanewstv] [10/25 09:34]
  7. Lepto deaths in NCR now at 148 – DOH: http://bit.ly/Wjqgr [via @wwwgmanewstv] [10/22 19:58]
  8. WHO helps RP deal with deadly leptospirosis http://bit.ly/2f3igt [via @wwwgmanewstv] [10/22 19:58]
  9. RP’s leptospirosis outbreak one of world’s biggest http://bit.ly/4sMDzW [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/22 12:02]
  10. MANILA – DOH: Leptospirosis cases reached 1,887 with 138 deaths. [via @sunstaronline] [10/21 13:02]
  11. Metro Manila is rat infested w/ around 100M rats or 10 rats per MM resident. 40-90% carry leptospirosis virus. [via @gma7news] [10/20 17:49]
  12. Laguna. Spoiled food downs over 200 evacuees in Laguna: http://bit.ly/UPY87 [via @gmanewstv] [10/20 12:04]
  13. Rizal. Gov says Rizal has 18 leptospirosis deaths http://bit.ly/40NuOt [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/17 10:33]
  14. DOH: To avoid death by Leptospirosis, remember 4 L’s : Lalaking Lumusong sa baha, ni-Lagnat , Leptospirosis. [via @juliusbabao] [10/17 9:22]
  15. Marikina. DOH reports outbreak of leptospirosis in 3 barangays in Marikina [via @ANCALERTS] [10/17 8:50]
  16. Metro Manila. Nation : Lepto outbreak in MManila has killed 89, more feared: http://bit.ly/J8BUv [via @wwwgmanewstv] [10/17 7:15]
  17. How to know if you have leptospirosis: http://bit.ly/16k6CQ [via @random_salt] [10/16 21:29]
  18. Manila. Flood-soaked candies seized in Manila junkshop http://bit.ly/9NKYI [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/17 00:49]
  19. WHO: Confirmed acute watery diarrhea outbreak in 2 municipalities (San Pedro, Laguna; Marilao, Bulacan) [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/15 21:46]
  20. FYI: Hundreds of leptospirosis patients now at Medical City seeking treatment (Source: My friend RD who’s there now) [via @tonyocruz] [10/13 22:31]


  1. gas price at La trinidad, #Benguet: diesoline P32.85, unleaded P44; as usual heavy traffic at KM 4 [via @pmcalara] [10/29 16:38]
  2. Consumers may now report to the FDA any complaint w/ medicines to 807-8275, text 0905-4171771 or 0909-2080500, email at ireport@bfad.gov.ph [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/28 15:51]
  3. Baguio City Market is alive. Potato P90/kg. strawberry P300-400/kg [via @pmcalara] [10/27 12:29]
  4. Vegetable prices in Metro Manila normalizing http://bit.ly/3W7zgZ [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/24 01:35]
  5. Petron: Fuel hike possible next week. [via @sunstaronline] [10/21 21:04]
  6. Big 3 Oil Companies – heartless, shameless profiteers http://ping.fm/0Q8Zv [via @kilusangmayouno] [10/20 17:53]
  7. Shell at Sea Oil, iimbestigahan ng DOJ sa ginawang pagtataas ng presyo sa harap ng kalamidad na dulot ng Bagyong Pepeng at Ondoy [via @balita_ngayon] [10/15 11:04]


  1. Mga “bakwet” dahil kay “Ondoy” ililipat sa Laguna: http://bit.ly/buOL8 [via @wwwgmanewstv] [10/22 22:43]


  1. PDI editorial on failed rice tariff talks between RP and Thailand with possible Asean consequences: http://ping.fm/a6B8u [via @mlq3] [10/29 01:58]
  2. “Website praises Arroyo’s ‘good deeds’, presents alternate reality « Asian Correspondent” ( http://bit.ly/29XL30 ) [via @dementia] [10/27 05:36]
  3. Misery for 1.5M Filipinos a month after storms http://bit.ly/1BiPsx [10/26 16:31]
  4. Dagupan was prepared for flooding! http://bit.ly/4QJfe [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/22 06:35]
  5. A photojournalist gives a first-person account on Ondoy (Ketsana) — Reuters http://ping.fm/pu7E3 [via @tonyocruz] [10/19 23:44]

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Typhoon Pepeng: Price Watch

Here’s a compilation of recent tweets and retweets regarding prices of goods. Please note that these are copied as is. Let us know if there has been a misinformation and we’ll do our best to rectify them immediately.

  • Reconstruction efforts to hike retail prices in Metro Manila http://bit.ly/7RAYS [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/20 13:03]
  • DTI warns retailers vs selling flood-damaged goods: http://bit.ly/2B66ci [via @gmanewstv] [10/20 11:34]
  • Shell, Petron hike oil prices http://url4.eu/dT91 [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/20 05:21]
  • Petron not raising oil prices http://url4.eu/chtj [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/13 21:41]
  • Mom just told me that vegetable prices in the market has skyrocketted. Bulb of broccoli selling for over Php1,000 at the market today! [via @gschan] [10/13 12:15]
  • Not a good day for romance – From Balitanghali: roses are now P200/bundle at Dangwa from P80 pre-Pepeng. [via @JohnCray] [10/13 12:11]
  • [Metro Manila] Flower prices on the rise, too http://bit.ly/2AR2Dt [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/13 11:55]
  • Presyo ng bigas, tumaas na rin dahil sa pananalasa ng bagyong Pepeng sa bansa [via @balita_ngayon] [10/13 9:00]
  • Went 2 the market and was shocked! Carrots cost 400/kg n potatoes 200/kg! WTH!? Bec of typhoons and disaster up north accdg 2 vendor! [via @patriciahizon] [10/12 17:27]
  • Market prices for fruits and vegies up 5x times original due to city-wide isolation [via @jonasespelita] [10/12 8:42]
  • Freight costs halt ‘coffins-for-veggies’ plan http://url4.eu/cFzf [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/11 20:09]
  • Balintawak wet market – carrots selling P200/kilo, beans P150/kilo [via @caffeinesparks] [10/11 20:09]
  • Baguio food scarcity; astronomical prices; relief teams have cash but hard to find food to buy. [via Steve Rogers, @mlq3] [10/11 15:45]
  • Prices of vegetables going up in Baguio every 6 hours. [via Feliz Perez, @mlq3] [10/11 15:47]
  • Rice sold for P60/kg in Baguio City – GMA News http://ping.fm/WqDgE [via @tonyocruz] [10/11 16:29]
    • Re: Rice sold for P60/kg in Baguio City – GMA News http://ping.fm/WqDgE — NOT TRUE! P28-40 a kilo only [via @happysarah] [10/11 17:07]


  • Watch out for overpriced agricultural and vegetable products due to bad roads. Call DTI Hotline at 751-3330 to report price abuse! [via @tjmanotoc] [10/10 11:48]
  • Baguio, Benguet. residents: if stores jack up prices report to Art Tibaldo 09178458534. Specify name of store/outlet. [via @mlq3] [10/11 15:19]

Updated as of 20 October 2009, 1:33 PM.

Price Watch: Basic Commodities

Recent events have prompted us to be very dependent on basic commodities. We know its value to thousands of Filipino families now homeless and with nothing to eat.  Because of the country’s current crisis, the government has declared a price control. We are collating tweets and retweets about news and issues on the price of goods.

If you know of sellers trying to take advantage of the situation, or have experienced buying basic necessities at quite an expensive rate, please share it with us so that other people will be informed as well.

ADVISORY: Report violators of price control! Call the DTI Hotline at 751-3330. They have already issued subpoenas to those not following price ceiling. [via @ANCALERTS]


  1. 2 arrested for overpricing canned sardines [source]
  2. Agri dep’t warns against price increases http://url4.eu/ZNw9 [via @inquirerdotnet]
  3. Cement, steel price caps proposed after ‘Ondoy’ [source]


  1. Price watch on Facebook: go here.


  1. The prices of a kilo of pork (liempo) in Waltermart is around P180-P200++. Is this right? Or inflated? [via @carlosceldran]


Updated as of 8 October 2009, 4:42 AM.

Price Watch: Medicines

The most common thing that people came in contact with at the height of Typhoon Ondoy was flood water. A lot of people waded through flood, which was a mixture of mud, canal water, street dirt and dust, floating garbage, fecal matter, etc.

Right now people are being advised to take doxycyline as prophylaxis for leptospirosis.

An increase in price has already been reported post-Ondoy:

  1. Tonyo Cruz reports Generic Doxycycline 100mg caps for anti-leptospirosis prophylaxis last Friday (25 Sept) P2/cap. Today (29 Sept) P5-P10/cap at boticas across PGH [source]
  2. Gabe Mercado says he bought doxycyline at a Mercury drug store for P44+ Sunday night (27 Sept), after Typhoon Ondoy [source]
  3. Tin Larida says Dyna Doxycycline at Mercury Drugs costs 47.00 each [source]

If you bought this medicine at a higher price, it is highly suggested that you save the receipts as evidence. You may also call DTI hotline at 751-3330.

Drugstores that increased their prices will be fined P10M. [source]

If you know of any other medicines that have increased in price after Typhoon Ondoy hit us, please leave a comment.


Updated as of 8 October 2009, 4:50 AM.