Price Watch: Basic Commodities

Recent events have prompted us to be very dependent on basic commodities. We know its value to thousands of Filipino families now homeless and with nothing to eat.  Because of the country’s current crisis, the government has declared a price control. We are collating tweets and retweets about news and issues on the price of goods.

If you know of sellers trying to take advantage of the situation, or have experienced buying basic necessities at quite an expensive rate, please share it with us so that other people will be informed as well.

ADVISORY: Report violators of price control! Call the DTI Hotline at 751-3330. They have already issued subpoenas to those not following price ceiling. [via @ANCALERTS]


  1. 2 arrested for overpricing canned sardines [source]
  2. Agri dep’t warns against price increases [via @inquirerdotnet]
  3. Cement, steel price caps proposed after ‘Ondoy’ [source]


  1. Price watch on Facebook: go here.


  1. The prices of a kilo of pork (liempo) in Waltermart is around P180-P200++. Is this right? Or inflated? [via @carlosceldran]


Updated as of 8 October 2009, 4:42 AM.


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