Typhoon Ondoy – Collated Tweets: On Soup Kitchens

Here’s a compilation of past tweets and retweets regarding soup kitchens. These were copied as is. Please note that everything here is already archived. For current relief operations for victims of Typhoon Ondoy, please go here.


  1. AICA. Contact: Jerome at 0908-1038515 or 0922-8242258.
  2. Alay Buhay Soup Kitchen. Together with Philippine Coast Guard and Philippine Coast Guard Wives Association. Contact: 0908-6429370.
  3. Habitat for Humanity. Contact: 8973069, 09178260881.
  4. Barangay Soup Kitchen c/o Ping Medina. Contact 2112357 or 0917-5347464.  
  5. Soup Kitchen. 34 Kalayaan Ave, QC. Contact: 09054292539 
  6. U.P. Cine Adarna Soup Kitchen. Contact @ramonchito via Twitter.


Last updated: 8 October 2009, 3:21 AM.


4 thoughts on “Typhoon Ondoy – Collated Tweets: On Soup Kitchens

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